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Spot and Strain removal

Household carpet and upholstery is subjected to more wear and tear than any other idea in your home. Carpet fibres can become stained from soil and often accidents can leave carpets looking neglected and worn. Costant use of sofas add the risk of stains from unwanted soil, food and drink.

Sterling Carpet's use specialist equipment and methods to protect your carpet from day to day accidents, wear and tear preventing premature wear on your carpet.

With the Stain Protection Service Sterling Carpet's can protect your carpet and protect your wallet from the expense of a new carpet before it should be replaced.

Infestation Services

This treatment is ideal if you have pets or an infestation problem and is compliant with any “de-infestation” clause that you may need to fulfil as per your tenancy agreement when you move out.

Our steam cleaning method is highly effective in the control of dust mites and other allergens; however other pests can be harder to remove and sometimes require extra treatment.

The insecticidal spray is applied through a pressurised canister whilst the carpets or upholstery is still damp. This is the best and most effective way of eradicating and preventing the following types of infestations:

Cat fleas

Dog fleas

Carpet moths



Carpet beetles

Indian meal moths

Mill moths

And a wide range of other crawling and flying insects

Our insecticide, de-infestation treatment has no smell during or after use, and there is no fire risk. It is safe around children cats & dogs and most other pets. (Goldfish and pet birds will have to be removed from treatment areas until carpets are fully dry)

Our insecticide, de-infestation treatment is highly effective on most types of carpet and upholstery and is one of the most through and cost effective methods available on the market.

Matress Cleaning Services

Sterling Carpet's are equipped with the latest professional machinery on the market. Simon Thorpe uses powerful hot water extraction system, which simultaniously cleans an dries the material of your mattress.

Do you suffer from allergies the sniffles or Asthma? Our Allergy relief treatment can help. This unique treatment denatures the allergen so that your body doesn't recognize it. So if you want relief we can treat a bedroom including the mattress and the whole house if you like. Call us for more information.

For further information on our Stain Protection, Infestation Treatment and Matress cleaning services Call 07860 697156.

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